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Bob wanted to increase the size of his flat roof shed.  Smith's Welding Services discussed the options and made recommendations.  We then designed, fabricated and installed a double pitched roof to increase the solar panel area and improve water collection.  Doubled the size of the shed  with an extension and secured Shire approval..

Grant had a dilemma.  He had found his ideal new home but the workshop was at the far side of the patio with very limited access.  This meant he could not get his prized and  beloved car into the workshop.  Grant contacted me and having discussed the problem we were able to agree on removing some supporting columns from the patio to allow drive through access plus a modification to the workshop to provide corner opening doors so as he was able to drive the car in for safe storage.  

Matt was redeveloping his home on acreage in Baldivis.  He needed his workshop re-locating to allow a pool to inserted in the current location and to give better access to the workshop in its new location.

​Sheds, Workshops & Patios

From building new workshops, dismantling a current workshop and re-building it in a new location or modifying your existing workshop, Smith's Welding Services can offer you an excellent service.  

Do you need a new patio / under-cover area or maybe some changes to your existing patio?  why not give us a call and get some advice and a quotation.  Almost everything is possible as you can see from the slide show below: